Ake Ch. 20
Name Ake
Vital Information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Hair Dark
First Appearance
Introduction Chapter 20

Ake was a member of Askeladd's band.


Having short, dark hair and a short beard, Ake wore a long-sleeved garment, over which was a short-sleeved shirt and a dark, sleeveless tunic with light stripes. He was one of the warriors who did not wear armor.


Ake was a an experienced warrior who fought with an axe and shield.


A member of the band during the invasion of England, in November 2013 they raided a farming village near Bath. After slaughtering the inhabitants, the Vikings had a feast. Ake was eating with some companions including Tore and discussing Askeladd. After Ake commented that perhaps they were attempting to squeeze what they could out of the area before heading north to the Danelaw, Tore wondered why they weren't plundering a larger town. Ake responded that he was a fool as they barely numbered over a hundred men. Tore quickly took offense at this and the argument swiftly escalated as he refused to apologize and insulted Ake further by calling him a cow thief.

Death of Ake

Ake's death

This turned into a duel, which after Bjorn noticed and inquired about, realized that things had gone too far and the pair had to be left to fight it out, leaving instructions that Askeladd be informed if either one died. Ake's stubbornness ended up costing him his life, as Tore succeeded in stabbing him through the chest with his sword.

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