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  • i've noticed this wiki doesn't have badges and was just wondering the policy on them

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  • Yes, we would love to. Thank you. I will add your wiki's banner right away.

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  • Yo Unok, my adoption request was answered, gave you admin rights a few hours ago but I just remembered to message you about it. Have fun ^_^

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    • Oh, gratz for the new wiki then, getting admin with 0 edits is pretty rare :P

      Haha, that's nice. Yeah, I just counted them, more than I thought, you're totally gonna reach 100 this year yeah :D

      Btw, I see that you are the only active editor on Illegal Rare wiki, so are you planning to ask for admin rights there? I think you should, none of the admins there seems to care anymore.

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    • Well, when you know the people it's actually easy :>

      For Illegal Rare Wiki, don't know, I don't care much either, the series kinda lost it's charm. I like getting rights on the wikis I edit, but I rarely ask for them, especially for a series I don't care much right now. I'm getting too much wikis, and I haven't edited on some from quite some time (luckily half and more are complete series or no new chapters from quite some time) XD I will probably only be editing on IR Wiki from time to time.

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