Name Thorfinn
Kanji トルフィン
Rōmaji Torufin
Vital Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Blonde
Family Thors (father)
Helga (mother)
Ylfa (sister)
Ari (brother-in-law)
Thorkell (great-uncle)
Sigvaldi (great-uncle)
Ylfa (grandmother)
1 unnamed niece
2 unnamed nephews
First Appearance
Introduction Chapter 1

Thorfinn (トルフィン, Torufin), also nicknamed Karlsefni, is the protagonist of Vinland Saga. A former warrior in Askeladd's band, he is the son of Thors, the most renowned Jomsviking warrior until his defection. Thorfinn is related to the leadership of the Jomsvikings through his mother Helga, who is chief Sigvaldi's daughter and Thorkell's niece.

After attacking Canute in a rage when the latter killed Askeladd, Thorfinn's goal for most of his life, Thorfinn was enslaved as punishment. Four years later he gained his freedom and changed his life. He is currently a traveling merchant working with Leif Ericson and attempting to colonize Vinland.


In the first chapter and later in the manga, Thorfinn's appearance largely stayed the same: Bushy hair, old clothes, two knives and a rebellious, angry face. Later on, we see Thorfinn from his childhood, when he lived in Iceland. He had a happier face, round with bright, curious eyes, and nice hair.



Thorfinn grew up on the battlefield, having been exposed to it following his father's death. He grew into a highly skilled warrior capable of swiftly killing warriors at least twice his age.

Dual wield: Thorfinn's fighting style emphasized speed combined with the dual wield of two knives, one of which was formerly owned by Thors. By targeting his opponents' weak points and taking advantage of his speed, he could typically finish off an opponent swiftly while avoiding their attacks.

Knife throwing: Thorfinn was also able to effectively use throwing knives, although they were not his primary weapon.

Enhanced durability: Although he did not engage in unarmed combat, Thorfinn had learned how to take solid hits if he was prepared. He used this ability to withstand 100 blows from Drott to earn the right to speak to Canute. However when set upon by Ylfa in a rage, he was completely unprepared and was knocked out.


Thorfinn was born in Iceland in 996, where his family had fled after Thors had decided to abandon the Jomsvikings. He grew up not knowing about his father's past or his connection to the Jomsvikings.

He lived with his family and was a happy and a lively boy. He played with the children in the village especially in mock combat with a wooden sword and shield, even though he was always one of the first to be beaten. One day Floki, and his Jomsviking crew come to Iceland to get aid from his father,Thors. When his father was going out to a battle, Thorfinn hid himself in a barrel on his fathers ship. pirate/viking called Askeladd , who was hired by Floki to take down Thors, came and dueled Thorfinn's father. Thors took down half of Askeladd's men, including his second in command, and then the two faced off. Thors won the battle, but in exchange for thorfinn's life, he was killed by many arrows from Askeladd's men. After his father died, Thorfinn vowed to seek vengeance for his father, by becoming one of Askeladd's men and dueling him every time he completes a mission in combat, so he can avenge his fathers death in a fair battle.