Vinland saga v03 extra p204
Name Ylva
Kanji ユルヴァ
Rōmaji Yuruva
Vital Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Blonde
Family Thors (father)
Helga (mother)
Thorfinn (brother)
Ari (husband)
Sigvaldi (grandfather)
Thorkell (great-uncle)
1 unnamed daughter
2 unnamed sons
First Appearance
Introduction Chapter 3

Ylfa (ユルヴァ, Yuruva) (Kodansha Comics: Ylva) is Thorfinn's older sister and later wife of Ari.


Ylfa has fluffy, wavy hair that is kept tied up with bangs framing her face. She has an expressive face and is seen as a tough woman.


As the oldest child and due to the age gap between her and Thorfinn, Ylfa had to assume a lot of responsibility for the work on her family's farm due to her mother's frailty. As such she has a more pragmatic outlook than her father and raised the idea of acquiring a slave to help with the labor.


Ylfa is a multi-talented girl. She can fish, whale, knit, crotchet, tend sheep, cook.


Ylfa was born in Jomsborg in 987 just before Thors left to fight in the Battle of Hjörungavágr. She was a difficult birth for mother Helga. Nonetheless, Thors was disappointed that she was not a boy and was not very careful with his daughter at first. He tried to leave for Norway before naming her, but Helga was determined that he do so first--this was the only time Thors ever saw Helga angry. He opted for the first thing that came to mind, his mother's name. At this point, Thors' mindset concerning war changed drastically.

Three months after the Jomsvikings held a funeral for Thors after his apparent death in the battle, Thors returned to Jomsborg to take Helga and Ylfa away with him. As they were leaving their house, they were confronted by Thorkell, who had been having a drink on the roof. Although Thorkell attempted to stop them from leaving and had to be knocked out by Thors, Ylfa remained asleep during her family's escape.

She subsequently grew up in Iceland and as the oldest child, had to shoulder much of the work due to Helga's frailty. Her younger brother Thorfinn is nine years younger than her.

When Thors dies and Thorfinn doesn't come home after escaping with his father on a warship, Ylfa becomes the main supporter of the family, especially since her mother is of very frail nature. In fact, Ylfa is seen as quite a rebel and maniac/crazy girl by the village. This is probably because she has to fish, whale, and all the women's jobs too. Soon after the loss of two family members, she overcompensates by working. In the end, Helga has to teach her self-control. After later encountering Thorfinn in Gainsborough, Leif tried to convince him to return by revealing that Ylfa had since married and now had a family.